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Empower your assignees and their partners to be successful; right from the start.


Bespoke Coaching and Training


Our one-on-one programmes can be structured to fit the needs of your high value assignees and their partners




Supports expat partners to make their expat experience right.


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Maximising the Potential of Global Mobility

At Thriving Abroad, we believe that helping international assignees and their families to live and work successfully overseas is one of the key ways to improve assignee engagement, performance and retention.

YET in many relocations, critical factors determining success are often overlooked.

Expat partner support

That’s where Thriving Abroad excels. Our programmes empower assignees and their partners, helping them to find the most effective way to transition to life and work in another country and culture. We don’t simply focus on the transition. We give assignees and their partners the tools to thrive while they are abroad.


Could not recommend the course highly enough, and for anyone finding themselves a little adrift after a big move, it’s a great programme for getting all aspects of your life abroad into focus.

Brian Milligan, Singapore

Bespoke coaching and training

Bespoke Coaching and Training


We work with organisations to create bespoke coaching and mentoring packages for high value assignees and their partners, preparing them for successful lives and careers abroad. We also work directly with partners to focus on their own personal and professional development while on assignment.

Prepare for Relocation

Relocation Ready


Our Relocation Ready programme helps expat assignees and their partners prepare for a successful relocation. We help them identify and address the issues that can derail an assignment, yet often go unaddressed. Relocation Ready helps assignees and their partners to start their assignment smoothly and with the right mindset for success.

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THRIVE supports expat partners, who often make significant personal and professional compromises to accompany assignees. THRIVE goes beyond social integration and job search. It helps expat partners work out how to progress their personal and professional objectives while  abroad. The result?  An engaged partner who is benefiting from and supportive of the assignment.

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