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About Thriving Abroad

At Thriving Abroad we understand that international relocation can be challenging for today’s expat couples and families. We know that it’s not easy to balance the well-being and careers of both partners when global mobility is thrown into the mix.

But we also know that, by addressing certain issues throughout the relocation process, an international relocation can be transformed from an expat experience that fails or is merely survived to one that can be empowering and transformative for the lives and careers of both partners.

That’s why our expat coaching and training programmes focus on:

  • Creating a foundation that sets you up for success.  We help you to make informed decisions that rely on real information, not assumptions; decisions that are realistic about the challenges that an international move might entail.
  • Making the early days of the assignment as straightforward as possible.  We help you to avoid the emotional and practical pitfalls of leaving your home country and arriving in your new one that can make the transition even more stressful than it already is.
  • Ensuring that the experience benefits both partners. If you’re an expat partner, we help you to work out what you can do to further your own growth and personal development whilst abroad (whether or not you can work) so that you don’t feel as if your experience is simply marking time.

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I’m British but have spent the majority of the last 18 years living in Spain and Portugal. In August 2014 I moved “home” with my family and experienced the truth of the statement that moving away and living abroad “will change you forever.” However, it is a change I will never regret and my life abroad has most definitely been enriching.

My first relocation abroad took me away from a corporate career and led me to understand first-hand the challenges faced by dual career couples. Whose career does win? Hopefully both, but sometimes some rethinking and reinvention has to happen first – that was certainly true for me. How you define “career” is also open for debate, THRIVE can help with that.

Thriving Abroad exists to help international organizations maximize the potential of, and return from, their global mobility programs. This is achieved by educating, enabling, engaging and empowering employees to succeed professionally and personally when relocating internationally.  

In designing, developing and delivering programs and coaching support for Thriving Abroad I utilize my experience and talents as a personal development and coaching professional to guide assignees and their partners/families through the challenges of relocation and support them as they define and create their new lives abroad.

To learn more about our employee centred support we recommend you read our book, THRIVING ABROAD:The definitive guide to relocation success.