The Definitive Guide to Professional and Personal


Relocation Success


 ‘This book is spot on, relevant and timely’

Ingolf Thom, Global HR Director

 International relocations can be a career- and life expanding opportunity, and are often a prerequisite for leadership positions.

But sadly, not all assignments end in success.

Thriving Abroad provides a framework, together with insights and advice from those who’ve been there, to help assignees and their families make the most of the opportunity to create positive professional and personal outcomes. And that in turn ensures the organization maximizes its return on investment.

What people are saying about THRIVING ABROAD

 ‘Everything you need to know about the practical pitfalls of that job move abroad in one place’

Peter Ferrigno, former Global Mobility Partner, EY

‘This is a rare book among a wide variety of books on global mobility. THRIVING ABROAD focuses on making the right deicsion and your preparation… This book provides you with all the questions you need to prepare well. There is a direct link between your preparation and how well you settle in. Read and use the book and it will become – as the title says – a guide to relocation success’

Lena Lauridsen, Consultant and Author of two books on relocation

‘Had I had access to this book at the outset of my journeys, I would have set sail with more realistic expectations and I would have been able to more easily navigate the often choppy emotional waters that inevitably swirl around each move……

I absolutely love that Louise and Evelyn were able to so concisely capture these universal feelings, and maybe more importantly, that they carefully crafted both questions and thinking points to encourage people to really reflect on whether an international move would be the right decision for them, their spouse, their careers and their futures writ large.’

Laura E.P. Sheehan, Diplomatic Spouse and Expat Career Coach at ‘E.P. Career Strategies

“Thriving Abroad superbly manages a difficult task. It takes a difficult, emotionally loaded topic; collects the best research and knowledge around the subject; collates it all in a very comprehensive, pratical guide. It does all of that in a user-friendly tone and format laced with anecdote, so the intimidating topic becomes easy to read. This is going to be my go-to, well thumbed through reference book for our next move. I’ll be carrying it with me everywhere!”

Maryan Afnan Ahmad, co-author Slurping Soup and Other Confusions, teacher, trainer


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