Today’s Guest: Dana Nelson

Dana an American counsellor living in Lyon in France and offers counselling services to English speaking expats, international students and others who are struggling with emotional or personal difficulties. Dana has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Penn State University, USA.

Through her work Dana supports client who want to strengthen their emotional resilience, develop greater self-awareness and personal compassion, build more authentic, satisfying relationships and deepen the sense of meaning in their lives.

Dana is also the host of a weekly podcast show – Mindful Expat – recorded for expats and overseas adventurers who are looking for a guidepost for emotional well-being and resilience in their lives abroad

“Our greatest weakness is in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas Edison

Sometimes, on a bad day, it can feel as if we are trying and trying and getting exactly nowhere as we strive to set up our new lives abroad and navigate the ‘newness’ of everything – new language, environment, systems and processes.

Many challenges – with few successful outcomes. This is when resilience becomes key. And the good thing is we ALL possess resilience, and we can ALL work on building our resilience in times of stress and overwhelm.

In this weeks podcast with Dana we talk resilience – take a look at the key points:

  • Dana shares her relocation story – see what signs of resilience you can spot in her story.
  • Dana gives us her working definition of resilience.
  • The signs that we are struggling in the resilience stakes and could benefit from reaching out for support and ASKing for help.
  • Factors that contribute to resilience – everyday life and living is one!
  • Why expat life can be a particular challenge when it comes to resilience.
  • What we can do to build our resilience and how others can help us including our companies and organisations.

Your Resources:

“Resilience is not what happens to you. It’s how you react to, respond to and recover from what happens to you.”

Jeffrey Gitomer

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