We’ve known Rachel Yates, founder of The Expat Lifeline for a long time, before Thriving Abroad was created in fact. She’s on a mission to make moving internationally easier and to help expat partners to keep their agenda and financial security in the conversation. What makes Rachel really stand out though is the humour she brings to what she does, which helps to make difficult topics more manageable. In our interview, she shares her inspiring entrepreneurship journey including these highlights:

  • How she’s applied the skills she learned becoming a pilot to preparing for an international move.
  • The challenges for expat partners of keeping themselves in the conversation and renegotiating the balance in the family when changes are made.
  • How her realisation that she wasn’t walking the walk led to her becoming an expat entrepreneur
  • Her epiphany on how cognitive dissonance applies in expat life
  • Why expat partners should always have a backup plan
  • What expat relationships and furniture have in common

We certainly had a wide ranging conversation and you can listen to all of it on the player above. If you’d like to learn more about Rachel and her business you can find her at The Expat Lifeline. You can also learn more about how The Global Girls Guide to Creating a Backup Plan can help you to look after your own financial needs and you can purchase the Expat Family File which is an indispensable tool for organising the exponential amount of admin that seems to come hand in hand with expat life.  You can also find Rachel on Facebook and Twitter.

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