Are your assignees RELOCATION READY?

Being RELOCATION READY is about much more
than finding a house and school

International assignees and their partners worry about where they are going to live, where their children will go to school. But these issues are  just the basics.  Their long term success is impacted by:

♦︎  Their expectations of how global mobility will affect their careers both overseas and on repatriation

♦︎  Their financial well being

♦︎  The ability of their children to adapt to their new lives overseas

♦︎  The impact of global mobility on their relationship and respective roles

♦︎  The ability of the partner to focus on her/ his professional and personal development

[Thriving Abroad] helped to pinpoint the major issues which were concerning me and how I might address them, in order to facilitate our move. Pam, South Africa

Let us help get your assignees and their partners

RELOCATION READY will help your assignees and their partners make conscious and informed choices about their lives abroad and organise themselves in a way that supports their success and yours in the new location. RELOCATION READY can be offered in a number of different formats to suit your assignee population.   RELOCATION READY will

♦︎  Ensure assignment goals and personal goals are aligned

♦︎  Empower assignees and their partners to take ownership of their own experience

♦︎  Limit the risk of surprises that can reduce assignee productivity or even derail the assignment

♦︎ Lay the foundations for a successful assignment, professionally and personally 

If you’d like to learn more about RELOCATION READY or how we can work with your assignees and their partners to help them get ready for their international experience in a cost and time effective way, click below to contact us.