Are You Relocation Ready?

What if we get it wrong?

Moving overseas is a huge decision and it’s a risk.  You may have always dreamed of doing it but at the same time be concerned about:

♦︎  How it will impact your finances?

♦︎  Where’s the best place to live?

♦︎  Whether it’s the best thing for your children?

♦︎  Whether you will be able to make the money that you need to sustain your desired lifestyle?

♦︎  What will happen if things don’t work out the way you expect?


[Thriving Abroad] helped to pinpoint the major issues which were concerning me and how I might address them, in order to facilitate our move. Pam, South Africa

Let us help you to get RELOCATION READY

Our Relocation Ready programme will help you to make a conscious and informed decision about living abroad and organise your move in a way that supports your long term success in your new location.  We’ll help you:

♦︎  Identify the lifestyle and goals that you aspire to in your life abroad

♦︎  Direct your research so that you have a solid understanding of the opportunities, challenges and risks

♦︎  Ask the right questions so that you avoid major surprises

♦︎  Identify the risks that you are taking and put measures in place to mitigate them

♦︎  Paint a realistic picture of the life that you’ll lead in your new location

♦︎  Evaluate it against your vision of living abroad

♦︎ Get on top of the overwhelming logistics of your international move

♦︎  Identify and take care of the loose ends

♦︎ Lay the foundation for a great start in your new country both practically and emotionally

What’s in the Relocation Ready programme?

Weekly Webinars

We’ll host 6 weekly interactive webinars to give you in-person guidance to help you to navigate the challenges you encounter.  If you can’t make it, you’ll get a recording afterwards.

Course Materials

You’ll get your own secure access to our online learning platform with all of our downloadable materials, including workbooks and video and audio guides


You’ll get access to our private Facebook community where you can connect with others who are making similar decisions

E-mail Support

You can ask us questions via e-mail whenever you like.  We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.