My only regret is that I didn’t have access to something like this earlier. It would have been a HUGE bonus in the early days.


Vanessa, Stockholm

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Only £97 (~$150) per month
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What if….

   ♦︎ This life of moving around the world wasn’t the “graveyard of ambition”?

   ♦︎ Living in another country could bring you opportunities you’ve never dreamed of?

   ♦︎ The choice you’ve made to live abroad could transform your life?

And what if you could work out what you want to do whilst living abroad and get started putting it into place in the next six months

We’ve helped expats living all over the world because of their partner’s careers find new paths to create expat lives that give them meaning and purpose.

But that’s not what most expat partners are doing

Like many expat partners, you might be in a traditional “trailing spouse” role, supporting partner and children in their lives, enjoying the busy social life that expat life can offer, getting fit and healthy at the gym or tennis club, doing language classes and experiencing the culture.

It’s a nice life, it feels like a privilege.

But perhaps you find yourself feeling like it’s not enough? Perhaps you’re missing the sense of accomplishment, the challenge that came from your focus on your personal and professional aspirations 

Our Career Choice and the Accompanying Partner Survey showed that you’re not alone:


78% of expat partners want to work while abroad


But only 46% actually work


Only 16% work full time

We understand this.  We both had dynamic and fulfilling careers of our own. Evelyn in Investment Banking; Louise in HR and training.  We both had time out while children were small but knew that we wanted to continue with personal and professional development.  But how?

Louise, on a brief stint back in the UK, her home country, gained a masters in psychology and hoped to embark on a new career in occupational psychology.  However, it wasn’t long until she was back on the road and discovered that her newly-minted qualifications didn’t cross borders.

Evelyn, meanwhile, realised that returning to investment banking wasn’t an option and in any case, it no longer fitted with her objectives in life. She dabbled with psychology courses and qualified as a yoga teacher but realised that neither was going to offer the fulfilment she was looking for.

Eventually, we independently trained as coaches and set up our own practices coaching expat partners.  We discovered that many of them were going through the same process of trial and error and experiencing many of the same challenges.  We created Thriving Abroad because we knew that our own experiences and our professional training meant we had the tools to solve the problems.

We realised that it was about finding your sweet spot; the sweet spot at the intersection of what you like to do, the opportunities that are available to you and the things you’re good at.

But expat life can pull the rug out from under all of those.

♦︎ The things you like to do may no longer be possible

♦︎ So you have to explore other options; things you might not have considered or have lost sight of

♦︎ Expat life can prey on your confidence so you might even have lost sight of things you are good at

To help you find that sweet spot, we created THRIVE



Expat Partner Sweetspot

What is THRIVE?

THRIVE is a six month group coaching programme. You’ll work in a group of up to 10 expat partners who share your experience and become your community throughout the programme. As a group, you’ll participate in live webinars and mastermind calls, use the THRIVE online video resources and workbooks and receive support from Louise and Evelyn and your fellow participants.

THRIVE is divided in to two parts.

In Part 1, you’ll be guided through a rigorous process of personal reflection, self-awareness and confidence building, discovery and decision making. At the end of it, you’ll know what the expat life you love looks like AND you’ll have an action plan for making it happen.

Part 2 is all about putting the plans you made in part 1 into action. We provide support, motivation, encouragement and inspiration as you make your plan a reality.

You can find more details of the two parts of THRIVE below. 


The big thing for me is planning.  Rather than having lots of ideas in lots of places, I am quantifying my ideas and identifying the stages to get through.

Rachel, Lisbon

What can I expect from THRIVE?

THRIVE will empower you to take control of your own expat experience and will give you a framework in which you can build a fulfilling life abroad.  You’ll do it all within the context of a supportive community of expat partners just like you.  Specifically at the end of THRIVE you will have:

♦︎  Learned what it will take for you to be fulfilled

♦︎  Increased your confidence in what you bring to the table

♦︎  Clarified your priorities

♦︎  Reviewed the opportunities that are available to you

♦︎  Made decisions about what you want to do while you are overseas

♦︎  Created an action plan for making your decisions a reality

♦︎  Been encouraged, inspired and supported as you put your plans into action

So what do I get when I purchase THRIVE?


Introductory Module

An introductory LIVE webinar, module and workbooks to help you set objectives for THRIVE and maximise your benefit from participating in the programme

3 Live Mastermind Calls

3 LIVE Mastermind sessions to keep you motivated and supported as you implement the strategy you devised

6 LIVE Webinars

6 LIVE webinars giving you the opportunity to benefit from live support from your coaches and your peers as you work through the THRIVE modules

Inspiring Interviews

Inspiring interviews with experts and with other expat partners who have created expat lives they love

E-mail Support

E-mail support from Louise and Evelyn.  Ask us questions and we’ll respond within 24 hours!


Video and Workbooks

Access to our online training materials. A combination of videos and workbooks that guide and inspire you as you create the expat life you love.

60 Day Challenge

Three times weekly performance and self management tips and support over 60 days as you implement your action plan


The programme exceeded my expectations.  Louise and Evelyn understood my needs from the very beginning.

Rodica, Montreal

Cut to the chase, what’s the investment?

You’re probably wondering how much you will have to invest to get access to all of this amazing content.  Our one-on-one clients pay over £5,000 for access to these materials with one-on-one bespoke coaching from us.  But, by making THRIVE available as a group programme, we’re able to offer it for about 15% of the cost our one-on-one clients pay, payable in 6 monthly instalments.

Moreover, if you purchase before February 24th, 2015 12:00 noon on February 26th, 2015, we’ll offer three amazing bonuses that are equal in value to the whole programme cost.


A 45 minute one-on-one strategy call with Louise or Evelyn to help you get clear on your objectives for THRIVE


If you sign up before February 24th, 2015, you’ll receive a £30 per month discount; a total saving of £180 ($275 approx.) taking the monthly price from £127 to £97 ($150 approx)


Access to our private THRIVE LIVE Facebook Group where you can get additional support from your coaches and other THRIVE participants

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Only £97 (~$150) per month
(Plus VAT for EU residents)

Thrive is right for you if:

♦︎  You want a career abroad and are prepared to think creatively about what that should be

♦︎  You’ve lost your identity and confidence; you want to get YOU back

♦︎  You feel like your life abroad is about supporting everyone else and you want something for you

♦︎  You are frustrated by the lack of personal or professional development in your life

♦︎  You view your expat experience as an opportunity to try something new but you don’t know where to start

♦︎  You are ready to invest in yourself and create an expat life you love

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Only £97 (~$150) per month
(plus VAT for EU residents)

What’s so different about THRIVE?

  • THRIVE is not just about the successfully navigating the transition to life abroad, it’s about creating long term wellbeing and fulfilment.
  • THRIVE is not just for people who want to find a job while overseas, it’s for people who want to build lives they love overseas, regardless of visa status
  • It’s about so much more than overcoming the challenges of expat life; it’s about finding the opportunity and exploiting it to continue your personal and/or professional development
  • You work in a community of expat partners who are facing the same challenges and have similar motivations and desires to mutually support each other as you build expat lives you love
  • THRIVE is built on a  solid foundation of positive psychology combined with tried and tested coaching methods
  • For participants who commit to THRIVE, it offers a defined set of outcomes, a rigorous process for determining what you want to do and a structure for making your decisions reality
  • Evelyn and Louise have lived abroad for a combined total of over 40 years; most of those as expat partners.  They understand what you’re going through because they’ve been there too.  They can help you to change your life as they have changed theirs.

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Only £97 per month
(plus VAT for EU residents)

The THRIVE Curriculum

In the TIME module you will understand what really makes you tick.  You will analyse:

♦︎  your sense of identity;

♦︎  your beliefs about yourself and how they affect your actions

♦︎  your values and how they might affect your priorities

The HAVE module is all about understanding what you bring to the table and building your confidence in what you have to offer. You’ll:

♦︎  Review your skills, including those you’ve already gained in living abroad

♦︎  Inventory your achievements and how you might enjoy applying them to your expat life

♦︎  Evaluate your stengths and how you can utilise them to your advantage

In REALISE you will bring the information from the first two modules together to build

♦︎  a personal blueprint that captures who you really are and demonstrates what you need in order to feel fulfilled

♦︎  a checklist against which you can evaluate opportunities

Having completed the “inner work”, INSPIRE encourages you to look outwards and you will begin to evaluate:

♦︎  The possibilities that are available to you

♦︎  How those possibilities fit with your needs and priorities

♦︎  How they related to your definition of fulfilment

and you’ll begin to make decisions regarding your future direction

VISION is where the programmes gets really interesting.  In VISION you’ll:

♦︎  Build a vision of your future within the context of your priorities

♦︎  Create a vision board of your future life to help keep you focused and inspired as you make your dream reality.

In EMBARK, it’s time to start making a plan to turn your vision into reality.  You’ll

♦︎  Create a detailed action plan

♦︎  Identify and take the first steps on your journey towards the expat life you love.

CREATE marks the start of Part 2 of the THRIVE programme.  Everyone comes to this part of the caption with different ideas of what they want to do, so this part is more focused on implementation.  You’ll be supported by Evelyn and Louise and by your peers as you create the expat life you love   To keep you motivated, inspired  and moving forwards, you’ll receive:

♦︎  Inspiring and informative interviews with experts or with expat partners who have already built expat lives they love

♦︎ Mastermind calls with Louise or Evelyn and your peers to allow you to address challenges and to give and receive support

♦︎  The 60 Day Challenge, a thrice weekly e-mail jam packed with performance and self management tips

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Only £97 per month
(plus VAT for EU residents)


THRIVE comes with our iron-clad, 30 day money back guarantee.  If you purchase THRIVE and decide within the first 30 days that it’s not for you, then e-mail us and tell us.  We’ll refund your payment and cancel all future payments, no questions asked!

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Only £97 per month
(plus VAT for EU residents)