This week Thriving Abroad is delighted to introduce you to Amel Derragui. You may already know Amel from her own podcast series, Tandem Nomads, dedicated to partners who are interested in developing their own portable careers and businesses.

Amel describes herself as a serial migrant, global citizen and expat partner who just so happens to also be a marketing expert having built a career in branding, marketing and communications. Through Tandem Nomads Amel is committed to helping other expat partners build their own success.

This interview is perfect for any expat partners who are wondering how to make the experience work fully for them from both a personal and professional perspective.

During the conversation Amel and Louise talked about

  • How it is easy to become a chameleon in adapting to new cultures and how important it is to also know ‘what we stand for.’
  • The value of planning in terms of understanding your ‘reason why’ for embarking on an international relocation. Amel suggests when deciding to relocate we need to know,

‘Are we escaping something or are we doing it because we want to discover something?’

  • Why flipping the coin and seeing the opportunities that emerge from the challenges is such a valuable approach to developing a new life abroad. In talking about her podcast Amel explained,

‘I wanted to mix my personal and professional experience and bring them together to help expat partners take leadership of their lives, because it is all about turning challenges into opportunities.’

  • The value of authenticity in terms of personal and business branding.

And loads more!

Amel is excited to share with you her new free resource, 4 Steps to Turn Confusion to Confidence. An ebook for expat partners who want to build a portable career and thrive in their global nomadic life. You can also join her Facebook group Tandem Nomads HERE

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