How do you help the partners of your international assignees to THRIVE?

Empowering partners to THRIVE abroad is key to maximising the potential of your global mobility policy

International assignees who are accompanied by partners who have developed their ability to THRIVE in new countries and cultures will be more likely to perform well, consider extended or new international assignments meaning that you grow your talented and internationally mobile workforce.

But there is a challenge:

  • The majority of international assignees relocate with partners who leave valued careers and incomes behind. In choosing to support the assignee’s career, they are attracted by the potential opportunities and experience of international relocation.
  • Developing a career in a new location and culture can be daunting when undertaken alone.


While some partners will be happy to take an extended career break, the majority will not as our Career Choice and the Accompanying Partner Research found:


78% of expat partners want to work while abroad


But only 46% actually work


Only 16% work full time

Challenges that partners highlighted as obstacles to creating careers abroad included:

Acquisition of work permits

Recognition of qualifications

Language and cultural challenges

Lack of networks

The need for flexible working hours 

Lack of reliable child care facilities

Short term nature of job tenure due to assignment term

These challenges mean that partners need to be creative in their approach to career abroad. 

The KEY: Redefining career and working out how and where it fits in their new life context 

THRIVE – The Solution

THRIVE empowers partners to discover and build their own personal and professional solutions to the challenges of global mobility They  are given the tools to develop their identity in a way that is consistent with their new global lifestyle.


  • Partners reconsider career in the context of what is possible. Finding a fit between new circumstances, skills and talents, the host culture and a globally mobile future.
  • A happy and fulfilled partner means that assignees are able to focus fully on the assignment role and goals.
  • Partners are empowered to develop valuable mobility skills and mindset and are more willing to continue to support their partners globally mobile career.


My only regret is that I didn’t have access to something like this earlier. It would have been a HUGE bonus in the early days.

Vanessa, Stockholm

If you would like to know more about THRIVE and how we can support the partners of your international assignees to create fulfilled and happy lives abroad, click below to contact us.


The programme exceeded my expectations. [Thriving Abroad] understood my needs from the very beginning.

Rodica, Montreal


The big thing for me is planning.  Rather than having lots of ideas in lots of places, I am quantifying my ideas and identifying the stages to get through.

Rachel, Lisbon